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Louise Richardson

Counselling and Theta Healing Therapies

Confidentiality and sensitivity assured 

'Time To Breathe'

A one-day workshop designed to offer exercises and experiences that encourage relaxation, meditation and fulfilment. To have fun, immerse yourself in innocence and allow yourself to experience inner peace and tranquillity. To take time out of your busy life for just one day to focus on you!

Feedback from these workshops:

'Varied and full on, exercises that make it happen, coming home into body'

'Surprised by my reaction to sitting down to 'play' with paints'

'Excellent day' Thank you very much'

'Professional, caring, informative, calming, energising'

'Helped me realise that I need time to care for and nurture myself. Even though I think I do this, I don't'

'I've learnt how to be free and let go'

'Yes! Just try it! It will make you feel free and safe'

'The meditations connected me to my inner self. I loved the painting, self expression without conditions'

'Louise is calm and has inner wisdom and all went with the flow of just being'