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Louise Richardson

Counselling and Theta Healing Therapies

Confidentiality and sensitivity assured 

I offer counselling sessions to clients which are designed to allow the coming to terms with issues brought to the sessions and to facilitate the client in finding ways to move forward in a lasting manner, addressing the emotions and feelings that show up and dealing with them appropriately whether directed towards themselves or towards others, to adapt and change certain behaviours that may not be helping them in moving on with life and to see ways in which the issues can be resolved. Sessions are usually for an hour and the session is your time to talk to me about whatever is bothering you about the problem. It is your session.

Theta Healing is a different therapy but one which can be complimentary to counselling. Theta is working with belief systems that may have be taken on board during childhood or at other times that have stayed with your subconscious and that are not serving you well in your current life time. It is called Theta because we use the theta brainwaves to do the work, as does hypnosis. Theta healing can be likened to a computer, the brain, having a virus. In a computer you dig down to find the root cause of the problem and then remove it and replace it with a much better, higher spec program. This is, in effect, what Theta healing does and it is a very powerful way of dealing with problems.