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Louise Richardson

Counselling and Theta Healing Therapies

Confidentiality and sensitivity assured 

After the pandemic

During the pandemic we had a great deal to adjust to.  Health was a concern for all but also the loss of jobs and careers, loss of homes for some and loss of relationships.  A number of people have felt isolated, insecure, scared and worried about their families and future.  There is now still more adjustment required in the way we shop, work and go about our daily lives.  I have not worked as a business for a while now as I retired to do other things however I realise how many people are still struggling with their lives and their mental health at the moment so I am offering sessions to people that need help and all fees and donations will go to my charity Tumaini Jipya - New Hope working in Tanzania.  This way I can help you heal and move forward with a much better focus on life and on what you choose to have and do in your life as well as helping the people of Tanzania who struggle too in many ways, especially in rural Masai regions.  Just get in touch if you feel I can help.  You will be made to feel very welcome and I look forward to working with you.

My Blog


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One day workshop

Posted on June 5, 2014 at 7:19 AM Comments comments (17)
I am running a workshop in July on the 8th, 'A Time To Breathe' designed to offer a day away from hectic lives and a chance to recharge, focus on yourself and your inner child and nurture yourself for the day. Please come along and give yourself this gift. I would really appreciate it if you would forward this to family and friends so that it reaches all those that would feel the benefits from the day. If you are stressed, run down or feel as though you are on a treadmill and need to get off, this is the day for you. If for any reason you cannot access the poster please contact me here or on 07779584334 for details and to book your place. Thank you.

New Year - New You?

Posted on January 2, 2014 at 1:18 PM Comments comments (0)
May I wish all my clients a very happy, healthy and abundant New Year!  I look forward to continuing working with you as we move into 2014.
As we move into a new year I feel it is a good time to decide to do something about those things that have brought hurt, pain, upset, illness, stress, guilt, etc. and to get rid of negativity in our lives and bring in the love, happiness, financial security, good health, good relationships and spiritual, emotional, physical and mental growth that enable our lives to have more positivity and purpose.  If you have experienced trauma, illness, upset, judgement, etc. and have thought that ‘there must be something more to life’ or ‘enough is enough’ then please get in touch.  I practice Theta healing which is a very powerful therapy dealing with beliefs and patterns that are being held in your subconscious and that are often in conflict with your conscious thoughts, of which you are unaware.  They can be held for years and years even when we feel we have dealt with an issue or they have been conditioned into us as a child and these are no longer useful to us and hold us back.
I also offer counselling for those who want more conventional ways to look at their issues or problems.
I am sure that everyone reading this will have been looking for the help they need.  Please contact me or leave a message if you would like more information to make the decision or if you are wanting to make an appointment.  I am sure that by dealing with things now your life will change for the better and that you will be able to move forward in your life feeling free of the negativity and embracing the abundance, love, health and growth that you can bring about.
Theta sessions can be conducted over Skype or over the telephone and so distance is no problem.

Let’s get working!

New website

Posted on April 2, 2013 at 12:12 PM Comments comments (0)
New website up and running! Hope you like it.

What's been happening?

Posted on April 2, 2013 at 12:01 PM Comments comments (100)
Well, I've had an interesting few months and felt that I should just bring you up to date. I have my first book out now called 'The Greatness Within'. It is a collection of poetry showing my journey through a difficult time in my life. It's published by Trafford in the USA and can be obtained from all UK bookshops and online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  The ISBN numbers are as follows:
Hardback 978-1-4669-7714-3
Paperback 978-1-4669-7712-9
E-book 978-1-4669-7713-6

I am now working on an audio book version which will be available soon.

I have also recently completed a three week course on Intuitive Anatomy which expands and develops my theta work.  

Over the last three weeks I have taken part in a 21-day meditation challenge too which I found really calming and great for connection.