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Louise Richardson

Counselling and Theta Healing Therapies

Confidentiality and sensitivity assured 

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you will allow me the privilege of working with you. You have made your biggest step towards changing your life from focusing on the difficulties in your life to a more


and fulfilling life by deciding to work through your problems to find release, resolve and ways forward.  

Do you often feel that you must 'pull yourself together' or show that you can take everything with 'a pinch of salt' because you must show your strength and that you can cope with anything? What does this do to you inside? What emotions does this trigger? What's wrong with asking for help and saying you cannot cope with what's going on at the moment? What's wrong in showing your feelings? In this day and age when things move so quickly we feel we have to keep up and not to be seen as struggling or less able?

Unfortunately we are not robots although it would be pretty cool to be able to switch off from people sometimes and to keep going without rest! But we can't!

We push ourselves really hard at times and so when we have a problem our perception can really distort the nature of it and we find it hard to decide on the best course of action. Talking things through with a counsellor can be a way forward.

Coming to see me will enable you to have the space and time to be listened to, in a comfortable environment without judgement or prejudice to have clarity and find ways forward. All sessions will be confidential.